Monday, March 14, 2016

Dan Norris
“Today’s D.A.”™ 
featured award winner !
  AKA "The D.A. that sanctioned murder"

Dan Norris was the Malheur County District Attorney in Vale, Oregon for 16 contentious years before he abandoned his office in September of 2016.

During those years while acting as District Attorney for Malheur County, Oregon, Mr. Norris was derelict of his duties to protect animals and citizens from the abuses of government atrocities.

Dan Norris allowed and enabled sheriff deputies to engage in activities of animal abuse. 
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Dan Norris further allowed sheriff deputies to violate citizens rights.
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Dan Norris accepted a position into the Oregon State Attorney's office as the statewide elder abuse resource prosecutor.  It appears this new position was made available after Mr. Norris proved to be an adequate puppet for the Malheur County Sheriff department, the State Attorney general's office, the FBI, BLM and other corrupt government agencies who lack a moral compass.

Oregon State Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum flexed her dirty Chicago roots by rewarding Dan Norris with a newly created position.

Ellen F. Rosenblum is now referred to as 
Three Monkey Rosenblum:

Dan Norris past history as a dirty district attorney was highlighted when he failed to conduct an impartial, proper and complete investigation of the events leading up to the government killing of Lavoy Finicum.

In his duties as Malheur County District Attorney, Mr. Norris failed to conduct such an investigation with impartiality, integrity and honor. Mr. Norris instead abused his power to sanction the government murder of Lavoy Finicum.  All evidence available to the public including video evidence does not support Dan Norris’s findings that the killing was justified. 
Equally disturbing was Mr. Norris’s inflammatory statement and, in fact, necessary”.   

It is the government that raised weapons against its protesting citizens and it is the government that BEGAN the gunfire on January 26th. 2016, not the protestors! No evidence even suggests that any of the protestors ever raised their weapons, nor returned gunfire even when provoked by government agents shooting at Lavoy Finicum and others who were stopped minutes earlier on the highway on that very same day.

Dan Norris checkered history as a district attorney was already documented with numerous cases of allowing sheriff deputies to act with impunity.  He failed to hold government officials accountable of errors, acts, omissions, lies and false reports,   Dan Norris’s acts as a district attorney had effectively sanctioned government sponsored terrorism and murder.

Every peaceful, moral citizen in this country should be appalled by Mr. Norris's failure to understand the difference between the acts of a civilized state and an aggressive police state.  In theLaVoy Finicum incident,  Mr. Norris failed to differentiate between armed protesters peacefully exercising restraint and respecting life vs. the government gun wielding, trigger happy agents that plot, lie, shoot and kill because they were “afraid”.  

The government actions on and before January 26th.,2016, in the Great State of Oregon is as every bit as offensive as the Kent State killings of May 4th. 1970. 
In incidents before January 26th, 2016 ,  Ordinary Oregonians while conducting daily business were subjected to armed governments agents brandishing their weapons at citizens while approaching government checkpoints and roadblocks on public roads.   Mr. Norris refused to acknowledge how the government planned and plotted the escalation of numerous scenes into possible deadly consequences until a deadly scene did occur .  

Gun toting, trigger happy bravado government agents plotting the use of deadly force and then hiding behind the old worn out coined phrase   “I feared for our lives”  in an attempt to justify the cowardly act of shooting a man in his back after they had sprung the deadly trap. 

Dan Norris failed to disclose the truth to the public.
Dan Norris failed to hold accountable the escalation of violence by government officials.  
Dan Norris failed to convene a grand jury to INSURE impartially,  instead Mr. Norris infused his own bias and political beliefs to whitewash the murder of LaVoy Finicum.
Dan Norris is unfit for public office.

In a video below, armed government agents shoot LaVoy Finicum in the back without any sign of LaVoy Finicum drawing his weapon; 

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ken Kratz
“Today’s D.A.”™   featured award goes to the sophomoric "hornasaurus" of D.A.'s 

                               Kenny  Kratz - Former D.A. of Calumet County, Wi.

Kenny Kratz abused his position of power by hitting on a vulnerable woman and sending inappropriate sexting messages to a female victim of domestic violence. While acting as District Attorney for Calumet County, Kenny Kratz was prosecuting the victims ex boyfriend while in the same time period appearing to (metaphorically speaking) get into the victim's pants.  The initial complaint against Ken Kratz filed into the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) was investigated and dismissed by the ever derelict and incompetent Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation.  Only after an outraged public demanded justice did the OLR  reopen the same complaint and respond properly.
Ken Kratz was sanctioned by the OLR . 
Kenny Kratz resigned as Calumet County District Attorney. 

The ARROGANCE of Kenny Kratz;
Quotes from the sexting scandal:

“I’m the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph, but I am the prize!”

Thursday, March 10, 2016

 Michael Nieskes
“Today’s D.A.”™ featured Award
 goes to a Deviant Ass

                                        Michael Nieskes, former D.A. in Racine County,Wisconsin
Updated  3-13-2016
Mike Nieskes earned his accolades thru abuse of power in office.

On January 6, 2011, Mike conspired with a sheriff deputy to wrongfully cite a citizen(s) and deny the defendant(s) the protection of Wisconsin Statutes and Federal Civil rights. 

Mike became the laughing stock of  both the Racine County Court System and his fellow lawyers by his inability to successfully manage and prosecute a civil forfeiture.   

A 20 month court battle ensued and ended when the State agreed to end the dispute by dismissing the case  "with prejudice". 
During this 20 month long battle, court dates were manipulated by unidentified government agents, court records were tampered with and Mike Nieskes engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records. 

Congratulations to Mr. Nieskes for being the first recipient of the repugnant “Today’s D.A.”™  Dirty Rat award.